Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

The 2 Chicks and The “Old Lady” Are On The Loose!

on September 1, 2014
We're Hitting The Road

2 Chicks & the ” Old Lady” are on the loose!!

We love to travel. Traveling has always been one of our favorite things to do. Before we became caregivers, my sister  & I were traveling every chance we got.

So, when we became caregivers that was one area of our lives we were scared to give up. But, now it’s actually just made us look at traveling in an entirely new way. Now, it’s about finding a place that is fun for us and safe for our mom. So, we have found some great places to go (e.g. Savannah, Ga, Cape Coral, Fl, and our old stomping ground, Ft. Lauderdale).

Luckily, Ft. Lauderdale is just a quick two-hour and thirty minute drive ( radar detector 😉 ). Ft. Lauderdale is like heaven to our mom. She gets an opportunity to hang out with her best friends a.k.a “The Golden Girls”; and it’s familiar. That’s really what makes it easier for us. When you have an older loved one living with you, you learn the value of familiarity for them. It keeps them calm, and helps them relax. Which is exactly what you’re looking to achieve :-). So, we decided to pack up the car for a quick vacation to end summer on the right note.

Ft. Lauderdale has it all (great food, weather, family, and the beach). When we go, we go into “seclusion” to ensure we get an opportunity to spend time with our “godmother & our extended family”. It’s so great to be able to cook, laugh, and get that extra boost of love that’s so needed sometimes. We also took a chance to stay at one of our favorite places, the W Ft. Lauderdale ;-). 

We can’t afford to stay here all of the time (Splurge Alert!!). But, from the moment you walk in and that lemongrass smell engulfs you. You already begin making plans to come back again ;-).  We LOVE this resort. They are a caregivers dream. The hotel has great accessible room options, large walk in showers (My mom is addicted to them), comfortable beds, and ocean and/or inter coastal views that will relax even the most discriminating caree (my mom is asleep in the lounger on the balcony now). The balconies have nice high and durable partitions that will help you feel safe about leaving them out there :-).  The food is awesome too! My mom loves that we can order her room service and be given an exact time that they will be there; and they always arrive before that time. Remember, it’s all about the consistency and schedule for them :-). But, it’s not all about them. There’s lots of things for you too. Caregivers need pampering, fun, and great food too :-).

All I need to say is “Bliss Spa“! I had a wonderful massage that left me relaxed and pampered. Appointments were super easy to make. All I had to do was let the young lady who checked me in know that I needed a massage, and she had me covered. They just called to confirm, and I was all set.  They really stand by their “Whatever/Whenever” level of service.

The massage and service was awesome! My masseuse, Theresa was very good. I also had a great time relaxing in the lounge and the private deck afterwards. Also, don’t forget to try the brownies 🙂

Private Deck at Bliss Spa W. Ft. Lauderdale

Private deck for relaxing at Bliss Spa W. Ft. LauderdaleMassage Room at Bliss Spa W.Ft. Lauderdale Such a nice room and they played great R&B music too!

Also, you can’t beat the amazing view of the beach. You are directly across from the ocean. The breezes are amazing. It’s the perfect place to grab a lounge chair and read, relax, and just be. We caregivers need that 😉


Ft. Lauderdale Beach views from W Ft. Lauderdale

Isn’t it beautiful


So, it you’re looking for a great place to go, then W Ft. Lauderdale is it.   Great views, service, and food is the perfect combination to make any caregiver super happy. Please check out their website now or locate them on Facebook and Twitter here.

We’ve had an amazing and relaxing time. I hope you get a chance to visit too. Just make sure you find somewhere that provides you the rest and relaxation that you need and deserve. When you’re at your best, your family will be too! Until we meet again!



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