Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

Sometimes You Have To Find The Funny

on August 17, 2014


I recently had the opportunity to do a guest blog post on LivHome Blogs . LivHome, is one of the nation’s largest professionally led at-home senior care companies. They are committed to offering support and resources for caregivers and seniors on the challenges that can be encountered with in-home care. I’m so humbled to have the opportunity to be a voice in this conversation. Caregiving is a challenge that many or all of us will face. Our goal is to share our experiences to help make those challenges less overwhelming. I hope you enjoy this post :).


Being a caregiver is definitely not for the weak at heart. I’ve been a caregiver to my legally blind mom for almost five years, and my sister, who is developmentally disabled since 2008. My sister is more like a teenager versus a thirty-six year old. So, life is pretty interesting :). There are many days when I feel like I’m twelve seconds from being totally insane :).

When you’re a caregiver, everyone wants to give you advice on how you should best handle your situation. But, I find that most of the people offering advice have never had the opportunity to take care of a loved one while managing a life, career, family, and caregiving responsibilities. It’s those moments where I find that you have to live by one of my mottos, “finding the funny”.

You have to learn how to “find the funny” in every situation. It’s not obvious most of the time. It always appears at an unexpected moment, and that’s what makes it wonderful. You can be at a point where insanity is making a dash toward you because you have just realized that you have to go pickup your sister from work at 7:30pm; after rushing across town to make dinner for your mom. In that one moment you have gone from breadwinner, cook, and chauffeur all in the span of two hours.

So, it’s at that the moment where you’re about to jump off the cliff into the “abyss of insanity” that your mom asks to dance to Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” :). So, while I watch her break it down, while telling me he better take her to the “Doubletree” :). I’m reminded that all of the stresses of the day mean nothing compared to moments like this. She is dancing her heart out, until she needs to sit down before she falls asleep :).

Those moments are rare, and these memories will last a lifetime. It’s funny when you’re a caregiver, you feel like this is the most permanent decision of your life. But, in reality it’s temporary. Remember, nothing lasts forever. We won’t have these people with us forever. So, that’s why I try to focus on finding the funny. When you find the funny, you create a memory that will last past this situation. You forget about the stress, and remember the things that make you want to give up your life for this person. That’s what sustains me. Of course, I get frustrated, and want to give up. We all do. But, when I do, I remember that beautiful glint in her eyes as she shakes her “booty”. Then, everything is right in my world 🙂 .Make it a point to find the funny. It will free you, and give you laughs and a lifetime of memories

Until we meet again!



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