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I Did a Three Day Juice Cleanse…And I Liked It :-)

Day One Juices missing my Almond Mylk

Day one of juice from “The Juice Bar of Winter Garden” !!

I’m so excited to share this post with you. As we get ready to grow into a lifestyle site. I wanted to get started by talking about my experience with juice cleanses. I’ve really been focused for the past year on getting healthy. I learned late last year that I was borderline pre-diabetic. This occurs when your blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified as full-blown diabetes. I have a genetic predisposition to diabetes (my mother and all her siblings including her parents were diabetic). That was all the warning I needed to get serious about my health. So, I became a pescatarian (fish-eating vegetarian), and started working out regularly.

I’ve researched a lot of juice cleanses. There are so many on the market, and I wanted to make sure I found something I could finish. Juice cleanses aren’t cheap, and I wasn’t going to waste my money. So, as coincidence would have it, I stumbled upon The Juice Bar of Winter Garden while on Facebook. I checked out their page, and the rest is history. Or at least a new found obsession :).

The Juice Bar of Winter Garden is now one of my new favorite places to go. They have the best cold pressed juices, wraps, smoothies, vegan desserts ever. So, I was stoked to do their three day cleanse. From the moment they took my order (during which they cover any health issues, fruits you like don’t like, tips, etc.), they really take pride in making sure you have an amazing cleanse. Since the cleanses are freshly prepared, you coordinate your pickup around your start day. I started on a Monday, so that meant I would have to come on Sunday (the day they are closed to prep) to pick up day one, and then I would come back on Monday to pick up day two and three. That was another stellar moment for me. Knowing I was getting fresh pressed juice was awesome. Most juice cleanses are pre-packaged and shipped. This method guarantees freshness!

My three day cleanse consisted of fifteen cold pressed juices and three bottles of homemade “Almond Mylk” for dessert. Yes, they make their own delicious “Almond Mylk” that consists of a yummy blend of almonds, dates and vanilla. These were the last bottles of each evening, and they were a great way to end every day.

The cold-pressed juices were labeled one through five. You drink them in order every two to three hours to keep your blood sugar levels stable. You also want to make sure you drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. The great thing is that every day was a different set of juices. The Juice Bar of Winter Garden’s philosophy is “healthy shouldn’t be boring and always taste great.” So, it was an extremely welcome surprise to have a new set of juices to drink every day. That is something the other cleanses don’t do. I loved that, and it helped me not feel deprived.

The Juice Bar of Winter Garden Beetnik Blend

One of the juices I had during my cleanse

The Juice Bar of Winter GardenMango Coconut Water Blend

I loved this one 😉

I honestly can say I liked every juice I had during my cleanse. I thought I was going to have juice that I had to force down. I didn’t force this at all. I was satisfied and completely relaxed. This cleanse centered me. I realized that this was something that I was doing for myself. So, I couldn’t let myself get stressed, or I would lose focus and eat (recovering emotional eater). This cleanse helped me sleep better, and refocus my energy. I recommend everyone do it. Our bodies are temples, and we have to treat them as such. So, take time to clean out your temple. If you do, the Juice Bar of Winter Garden is the perfect place to go!

Thanks Juice Bar of Winter Garden for all of your help and encouragement. Please check out their Facebook page or visit their website here for more information!

Until we meet again!



My First Podcast!!

I had the opportunity recently to connect with Cherrie McKenzie. Cherrie is a former stockbroker who made the decision to live her dreams by becoming a licensed therapist, podcaster, and blogger at CoActive Dreams.

CoActive Dreams is based on the theory of using imagery to first picture the things you want for your life and then the means to attain them using the power of your imagination to command your focus to make peak performance less difficult. Cherrie has been able to use her business experience and education to develop tools and techniques to coach and develop others who are trying to pursue their dreams. I was so honored when Cherrie reached out to me about being featured on her blog. Cherrie thought my journey as a caregiver needed to be told, since so many people are facing or will be facing this challenge.

As she noted in her post that accompanies our podcast. According to an AARP study from 1990-2010, the 80-plus population increased by 62%. These numbers have strong implications for our society as many people find themselves now a part of a new “Sandwich generation”, where the adult children will now have to provide care for their parents. Many of us in that generation will have families and small children to add to the dynamic. All of these make for a class of caregivers who are pushed to their limits, with the feeling of no relief in sight.

Caregiving is never going to be easy. But, it can be manageable. There is life while being a caregiver. That’s why I share my story with you. I want to show the world, and continuously reinforce in myself that there is a large world out there. We just need to tackle it. My life changed in three hours. I hope you will take thirteen minutes to listen to our podcast; and hopefully find a little encouragement and hope in our chat that can change your life/perspective :).

Please check out Cherrie’s site, CoActive Dreams or you can follow her on Twitter at @CherrieMcKenzi2


Thanks again Cherrie for a wonderful podcast!

Until we meet again!



Sometimes You Have To Find The Funny



I recently had the opportunity to do a guest blog post on LivHome Blogs . LivHome, is one of the nation’s largest professionally led at-home senior care companies. They are committed to offering support and resources for caregivers and seniors on the challenges that can be encountered with in-home care. I’m so humbled to have the opportunity to be a voice in this conversation. Caregiving is a challenge that many or all of us will face. Our goal is to share our experiences to help make those challenges less overwhelming. I hope you enjoy this post :).


Being a caregiver is definitely not for the weak at heart. I’ve been a caregiver to my legally blind mom for almost five years, and my sister, who is developmentally disabled since 2008. My sister is more like a teenager versus a thirty-six year old. So, life is pretty interesting :). There are many days when I feel like I’m twelve seconds from being totally insane :).

When you’re a caregiver, everyone wants to give you advice on how you should best handle your situation. But, I find that most of the people offering advice have never had the opportunity to take care of a loved one while managing a life, career, family, and caregiving responsibilities. It’s those moments where I find that you have to live by one of my mottos, “finding the funny”.

You have to learn how to “find the funny” in every situation. It’s not obvious most of the time. It always appears at an unexpected moment, and that’s what makes it wonderful. You can be at a point where insanity is making a dash toward you because you have just realized that you have to go pickup your sister from work at 7:30pm; after rushing across town to make dinner for your mom. In that one moment you have gone from breadwinner, cook, and chauffeur all in the span of two hours.

So, it’s at that the moment where you’re about to jump off the cliff into the “abyss of insanity” that your mom asks to dance to Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” :). So, while I watch her break it down, while telling me he better take her to the “Doubletree” :). I’m reminded that all of the stresses of the day mean nothing compared to moments like this. She is dancing her heart out, until she needs to sit down before she falls asleep :).

Those moments are rare, and these memories will last a lifetime. It’s funny when you’re a caregiver, you feel like this is the most permanent decision of your life. But, in reality it’s temporary. Remember, nothing lasts forever. We won’t have these people with us forever. So, that’s why I try to focus on finding the funny. When you find the funny, you create a memory that will last past this situation. You forget about the stress, and remember the things that make you want to give up your life for this person. That’s what sustains me. Of course, I get frustrated, and want to give up. We all do. But, when I do, I remember that beautiful glint in her eyes as she shakes her “booty”. Then, everything is right in my world 🙂 .Make it a point to find the funny. It will free you, and give you laughs and a lifetime of memories

Until we meet again!


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You Can’t Be Everything To Everybody

Paulo Coehlo

When you say yes to others. Make sure you are not saying No to yourself

We’re all going through life at full speed.There are so many people in our lives that we touch everyday.The need to always be available to them is overwhelming. Imagine what’s it’s like as a caregiver.

As a caregiver, you are adding another level to your daily demands. Many of us are working while trying to balance the needs of family. At times it feels like we are being pulled in so many directions that if a good wind comes, we’ll shatter into a million pieces. When that happens, that’s when we have to remember “You can’t be everything, to everybody”.

We have to decide what really deserves our time. Our time is super valuable. We have to make decisions on a dime. We don’t have time to focus on negativity.We have to focus on what matters most, family. I would love to tell you that you can do it all. But, that’s not realistic. Something is not going to get done, and you have to be ok with that.

You have to go forward knowing that you made the best decision at that moment. To help you along that path, here are some tips that have worked for me.

1. Know your schedule: Know when you’re available. Keep your calendar up to date with events or tasks that have to get done (e.g.grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc.). The more organized you are, the less stressed you will be.

2. Not everyone is going to understand that you’re a caregiver: I would love to say that people hear the word “caregiver”, and understand the sacrifices immediately. But, most caregivers don’t discuss their situation. So, it can appear to everyone that you have everything under control.

3. “Tell your truth”:This relates specifically to the fact that as caregivers, we have to be willing to talk about what we’re going through. I’m not saying to run into a room full of people, and start screaming about how stressed out you are. I’m talking about speaking with your friends, family, and colleagues about what your life is like. Sharing some of your day-to-day is a great way to help people understand what you are encountering. Not only does it help them understand. But, it helps you release stress and gain support. Caregivers do have more powers than the “X-Men” or “Avengers” (See post: Misconceptions About Caregivers). But, we all need someone to talk to sometimes.

4. “No” is not a bad word: There are many curse words out there, and I’ve used most of them :). But, the one word I used to use the least was “No”.  I’ve always been a “Yes person”. I used to say “yes’ to everything I could because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I always felt that if they asked me, they really wanted me to support them. But, once I became a caregiver; I realized that was not going to work. I was spreading myself so thin, I made cheap peanut butter look good :). I was failing on all fronts (e.g.work, family, friends, etc.). So, I took my power back. I realized that if my family was pleased, life was good. “No” creates much-needed balance for caregivers.

5. “You matter”: Make time for yourself. Take the balance that you are creating, and carve out time for you to do something you love. Everyone has dreams and goals. Make sure you do too!

 Life doesn’t end because you’re a caregiver. This is just in a temporary season where you’ll learn something that will help you on the path to achieving your goals and dreams. Be present in the season. Protect yourself, and realize  “you can’t be everything to everybody”. But, you can be the best “you”. 

Until we meet again!


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Decisions and Balance: The Misconceptions About Caregivers

Caregivers need love too! An oldie, but hopefully a goodie. Let’s keep the conversation going. Enjoy!


Decisions and Balance: The Misconceptions About Caregivers

This post was born out a conversation I had with a really good friend. One of her friends, who she happens to work with was not responding to her calls or texts. It really hurt her feelings, and made her question their friendship. Especially, since another friend was able to speak with her. All of these things I’m sure sound like they might have an issue.Except, in this case there is a twist. Her friend is taking care of her sister, who has had a reoccurrence of breast cancer. She also happens to be the mother of a teenage son, and has a family that she works hard to support.

So, she is a member of the elite club called, “The Caregivers”. We’re more powerful than the “Avengers”, and have more patience and skills than the “X-Men”. Lives depend on our focus and strength. But, with all of that talent…

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