Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

Secret Weapons Come in All Forms

on July 20, 2014
Bath and Bodyworks Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Wash and Lotion

One of My Favorite Secret Weapons!

One of my mottos is to find the funny in every situation. It’s not always easy. So, at times I find that I have to dig into my “arsenal of secret weapons” to navigate the caregiving waters :). Today, I’m going to share one of my favorites with you, Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Body Wash and Lotion. I know that probably sounds crazy. But, when you’re a caregiver, you realize the most unconventional items can bring the greatest “peace” :). Today, I got a chance to remember that.

It’s a normal Sunday in my house filled with cooking, laundry, etc . Everyone is feeling lazy, and in their respective corners. It seems like a “peaceful” day. Well, that peace was short-lived when my Mom a.k.a “The Old Lady” decides she wants to have a conversation about my love life. Of course, you know that’s my favorite topic to discuss (not really). I try to distract her by asking about my relatives, what she wants for dinner, heck even the Kardashians (one of her favorite shows) were on the table for discussion.

Anything, but my love life or the lack there of. But, she was not going to be denied. She decided that this was our time to discuss how we need to visit a “psychic” because there must be a “root”(old school term for a curse) on me that is blocking me from love. Really? Now we have brought this to the level of “roots”. Wow, you know things are tough when they start thinking you may need to visit “Doctor Buzzard” for a little assistance. I thought Jesus was enough, silly me :).

Of course, this conversation went on too long (longest 10 minutes of my life). So, I decide to throw a monkey wrench in my mom’s plan. I reminded her that I would be supervising her bath tonight. At that moment, you would have thought I hit her with a “tranquilizer dart” :). She hates when I supervise her bath. I tend to be the more organized decisive attendant, and on top of that she hates me telling her what to do. So, she immediately shifts focus off of my love life and then starts complaining about me supervising her bath. All I can think is “WINNING”, and I’m about to seal the deal by using my secret weapon during bath time :).

Bath and Body Works Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy lotion is truly a “magic bullet”. My mom is clean relaxed and sleeping. It’s 8:21pm, and I’m comforted to hear the sounds of her snoring while I type this blog :). You can’t beat that response time. All you need is 30 minutes, and peace will echo through your home.

Here’s the link to this collection:http://bit.ly/Ul9jLS
Find your “secret weapons” and embrace your peace while providing rest and relaxation to your family. It’s a win win for everyone. Until we meet again!



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